Ken worked with me on converting a one-day classroom program to a multi-module program delivered on virtual platform. Ken ensured the virtual version of the program incorporated adult learning principles for the virtual platform which has led to very high reviews of the program by L&D professionals and clients. Ken also created a train-the-trainer process that left facilitators brand new to virtual delivery feeling very comfortable moving into the new space by providing them with feedback and inspiring confidence in their skills. He proactively met with them to provide 1:1 coaching to alleviate their concerns delivering virtually. During the train-the-trainer Ken actively worked with them to break down myths about virtual facilitation and helped them to find their own style to facilitate to a global virtual audience. For experienced facilitators Ken provided feedback to take their skills from good to great.

Quotable QuotES

From Clients

  • "Ken has the perfect balance of intelligence and intuition. As a consultant, he asks questions that no one else has and in doing so creates opportunities for buy-in, collaboration and results where none existed before."
  • "I walked away once again astounded by your natural instincts and sharply-honed skills, grateful for the opportunity to learn and work with you."
  • "Ken has been an ideal business partner of ours for over a decade. He consistently pushes our thinking, drives for true customer focus, and brings a level of unsurpassed energy, creativity, passion and reliability to all he does. His consulting and facilitation skills alone have raised standards to a new level. Anytime we introduce him to clients, they insist he's the only one they want to work with. Customers can't help but fall in love with him."

From Session Participants

  • "Ken is a dynamic facilitator.  I can't imagine learning all of these skills from anyone else."
  • "Ken's style and panache were captivating.  We were truly blessed to have him spend time with us."
  • "Ken is a phenomenal facilitator.  He is strong, crystal clear, funny, extremely competent, and very engaging...and can we talk about his improv skills???  WOW...Very, very cool!"
  • "Ken was the best facilitator I have ever had in a training. He was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and always made me want to learn more."
  • "Ken is the most engaging facilitator that I’ve had. Often I disengage and lose interesting- definitely did not."
  • (From a webinar producer) "I think you are awesome! I actually instant messaged a few of my colleagues to tell them how great the facilitator was that I was working with today. I have had the opportunity to work with facilitators and you are by far the best at what you do. I am constantly amazed at how your mind works with making connections from the participant comments and questions regarding the content, including how much you can ad-lib in the moment!"

From Managers

  • "You have really changed my team and for this I will be eternally in your debt."
  • "(My direct report) is really loving the feedback and coaching she is getting from you."
  • "Ken has a wonderful way of helping you reach inside your brain and pull things out you hadn't thought about."
  • "You were quoted (by my people) many times. You're famous! Everyone thought you had great examples, knew everyone's name (How do you do that?), made the material 'come alive', were engaging, kept it moving, and were all-around fabulous."